Bangsawan Indie Theatre
Raja Bersiong

The bangsawan theatre is usually performed on a large stage using a glorious set, but this time Liveinmypoetry along with Revolution Stage has brought the bangsawan performance into an indie form by performing it in a narrow space with minimal set used but still managing to keep the bangsawan value and discipline optimally.

The script was written by Khairunazwan Rodzy and directed by Rahim Jo, it brings the audience to the old Kedah empire which is full of myths and legends. 



Once upon a time, a king named Raja Ong Maha Perita Deria has become cruel to the people due to his addiction to the blood.

Many innocent peoples were massacred to satisfy the king’s addiction. Because his cruelty, he was given the name of Raja Bersiong.



Sembah aku, Raja Gergasi yang berkuasa & sakti

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Darah menjadi rencah

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The insurgency alliance is
occurs between the prime minister, her majesty the queen, senior minister, minister Wiritra, panglima Santa and village chief.

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"Brilliant and entertaining"

The performance, lasted for10 days, 26 Jan - 6 Feb 2022. It managed to captivate the audience with a performance full of elements of drama, action, music and dance. The average audience is very satisfied with this show.

Directed by Rahim Jo, Written by Khairunazwan Rodzy

Cast by Akmal Asyraf, Aroha Ibrahim, Aidil Rosli, Marzuki Noh, Abrar Asraf, Hakem Zulkefli, Khal Isyaf, Sara Sulaiman, Hazirah Norizan, Jiji, Qie Rahman, Zaki Hamidon, Ron Isa, Olivia Evy, Soff Yazid, Bai Majid, Ria Rustle, Yana Mat Dan, Ain Uzma