The Compilation Theatre of Creepy Stories


The Ghostwriter is one of the performances from the Compilation Theater Series - Creepy Stories that bring the audience to the mystical culture of Bali.

It tells the story of Joana, a famous novelist who is in the process of preparing her first horror novel. Joana clearly had difficulty in completing this manuscript, especially being pressured by the book publisher who wanted the manuscript of the first three episodes to be completed in a day.

At the same time, Joana was visited by Ressa, her best friend from childhood who suddenly came to her house. From conversations about the past to the idea of a partnership, eventually, something happens that will be all the stories that unfold between them.


"Very disturbing, fun and interesting at the same time"

On average, the audience was very satisfied with the performance of the acting of the two main actors, namely Mawar Roseka and Asila Amiruddin. The effective psyching of the characters of them shapes the emotions that take the audience into the mystical and mysterious realms in this Ghostwriter story.

Before all this happened. We have held a flash mob, a Balinese dance at Tempatan Street, Technology Park Malaysia to promote the Ghostwriter Theater.


Even in a state of social distance, the limitations are not an obstacle for us to providing good performance for visitors. The management of Tempatan Fest really loved it and they wanted to work together for the future project.


On average, the audience was very entertained and liked what we did throughout the production of Ghostwriter. We are grateful for the support given by the audience and at the same time, we are very pleased to see the audience entertained by what we have presented.

Although we are a new production, we still give our best and we are committed to everything we do.