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Orang Kasar

Orang Kasar tells the story of the life of a young widow, Puan Khasida whose husband, Orang Kaya Kassim, passed away and she's mourned for almost a year over the passing of her husband, even her butlers, Wak Amat, and Ali could not persuade Puan Khasida to stop grieving over the passing of the late her lovely husband.


The arrival of Tuan Sadiq, the deceased's friend came to ask for the deceased's debt to save his business which was about to go bankrupt making the situation more chaotic.

The presence of Tuan Sadiq who has a rude and loud character and is not liked by Puan Khasida makes her uneasy and disturbs the peace of mourning.


Puan Khasida tried various ways to drive Mr. Sadiq out, but Mr. Sadiq still insisted on refusing to budge until his debt was settled that very day. There was a war of words between the two of them until it dragged on causing Puan Khasida to invite Mr. Sadiq to fight to prove whose opinion was right. What is the outcome of this conflict? Can Tuan Sadiq get what he owes, or will Puan Khasida succeed in kicking Tuan Sadiq out of his house? Or could an ending become a new beginning?

Romantic, entertaining and funnehhhhh :)

High-value production with top-tier performance from the actors in a small space.

Directed by Rahim Jo,

Written by Anton Checkov

Script edited by Azwan Zahar

Cast by Sofeya Suhaimi, Aidil Rosli, Zaki Hamidun and Baihaq Majid


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