Teater Bangsawan Indie: RAJA BERSIONG


Once upon a time, there was a powerful king who ruled a nation full with kind people. He was loved by many and respected by others because of his bravery. He loved hunting and right after he finished his outing at the jungle, he usually returned to the palace to be served by his chef . His favourite dish was none other than one of the most delicious ones during his time, known as“gulai bayam”.

He loved mixing it with the rice because good food made him turned delightful. However, during this one fine day, the king felt that the dish was unusually more delicious than before. He was curious to know therefore he called upon the chef to explain about the ingredients.

The chef was so scared and finally admitted that he accidentally cut his finger while cutting the vegetables when he was preparing the dish. His blood went onto the ingredient and because he was running out of time, he continued rushing it to serve to the king.

Unexpectedly, the king was not mad and in fact, after the event, he requested the dish with blood as the secret ingredient. He became addicted to human blood. He felt the need to consume it every day and he went so far to fulfill his desire.

The king went as far as giving orders to the guards to kills the prisoners and take their blood to be included in the dish. And when it is not enough, his people started to feel scared and unsafe under his ruling when he went as far as ordering his guard to kidnap children and innocent people after they ran out of prisoners,

A set of fangs then grew out in the king’s mouth because of his strange appetite and the king was eventually known with the name of “Raja Bersiong”.

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