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My name is Abd Rahim Johar a senior designer (UI/UX experience) with more than 15 years of experience in the creative field.

I love seeing a great idea come to life and being a part of the thinking and work that went into those ideas. I like whom I can share successes, failures, and insights and ultimately find pride and happiness in our work.


Since starting my career as a designer in 2005, I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in graphic design. I have been in several roles responsible for UI/UX, concept, originality, management etc.


I have recently learned to direct live performance art and have successfully directed several performances.

As a founder

I formed Liveinmypoetry when Malaysians were subjected to Movement Control to curb the H1N1 pandemic. It is intended for me to continue to work and be able to control myself from the mental pressure at that time. In addition, it can also provide an opportunity for fellow artists who are unable to create to participate in the expression of artwork.


Under my productionLiveinmypoetry, I won several awards at the 2022 Malaysian Theater Awards night. The Best Traditional Theater Category Award and the Best Promotional Design Award

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